• Monday, February 22, 2021

Today is a big day for us at XevoTech: After months of preparations, we are happy to announce the official launch of Windows Nodes. The requests of windows nodes were by far the most frequently requested new product range. We've heard you and delivered! From now on, you can enjoy your familiar windows operating system while maintaining the beloved specifications of our nodes. As this is a new area for us, we will have limited stock for this new service.

Link: https://xevotech.com/store/eu-windows-nodes

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect of pricing?

The prices for our Windows Nodes start at €12.99/month. No additional costs for a Windows license key.

What operating systems can I expect to get?

As of the start of now, you'll only be able to use Windows Server 2016, but in the upcoming weeks, we'll be adding the option to use Windows Server 2012 & 2019. No extra cost applies if you want to change.

What is the difference between a Dedicated Node and a Windows Node?

The windows nodes act as a remote desktop, and the Dedicated Nodes are for the use of personal panels/game server use. ( Pterodactyl )

Can I move from a Dedicated Node to a Windows Node?

Yes, you can create a ticket where you're specifying you'd like to move from a Dedicated Node to a Windows node; please note, this requires that we have Windows Nodes in stock.