• Monday, December 27, 2021

It has been a while since our last restock of game servers, and therefore we're now announcing that we've restocked a total of 159 new available services that you now can grab one of!

Service Matrix

Service Total Amount Restocked EU Location US Location
Dedicated Node Small 6 0 6
Dedicated Node Medium 6 0 6
Dedicated Node Large 6 0 6
Dedicated Node XL 1 0 1
Starter Game Server 30 9 21
Small Game Server 30 10 20
Medium Game Server 27 7 20
Large Game Server 26 6 20
XL Game Server 27 7 20
Totals 159 39 120

EU Dedicated Nodes

As per the service matrix, you can see that we still are not able to offer any of our Dedicated Nodes in the EU area. Currently, this is not due to covid, but a lack of customers in the EU. Over the course of 2021, our customer base has become increasingly more from the US, the outcome of this is that we've chosen to focus more on the US market but we hope that we soon can find standing in the EU market.

Current running promotions

  • 25% of any dedicated node, code: XMAS25! Unlimited uses, per customer!
  • 50% of any game server, code: GS-50OFF! New & existing customers can use it once!


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